Our mission
Our mission is to educate parents, citizens and lawmakers to the damage of the Texas Education Code via legislation that dilutes family values, quality of education and our constitutional republic.

The government education system in Texas is failing students and families. Students are not receiving the quality education required by our state constitution. Empowering parents to help them understand their rights, and returning true local control of education to parents are among the top goals of Families Engaged for Effective Education.

Teaching parents how to use their God given rights to guide and direct their child's heart, mind and soul are critically important today when state and federal legislation, school districts, and cultural norms are aimed at destroying parentís rights and family values. Our churches must return to their established place in our communities by engaging and subsidizing broken families in order to support educational assistance that will lead to long-lasting student success.

Empowering parents by helping them understand their rights.

Returning true control of education to parents.

Teaching parents how to use their rights to guide and direct their child's heart, mind and soul.

Modeling behavior of family unity.

Leading the church to engage and subsidize broken families through educational assistance.

Establishing a volunteer mentoring program for Texas schools.

Enlightening Texans to the failure of government education agencies to provide a quality student experience.

Driving Texas legislative priorities by endorsing and electing people who reflect Families Engaged values focused on God, family, state and country!